At SDSU, you are a First-generation/first-gen college student if you are the first person in your family to complete a four-year college degree. 

To ease what can be a challenging transition for students from communities where college-going is not the norm, the Division of Academic Engagement and Student Achievement (DAESA) works centrally to support first-generation college students and their specific needs.

SDSU offers an array of services and programs to meet the needs of first-gen students. DAESA’s mission is to facilitate access to enrichment programs, as well as awareness of resources, and tools that will help first-gen students succeed, regardless of major or graduate program.

Our goals are to:

  • Assist first-gen students across the university in building community by meeting other first-gen students (undergraduate and graduate).
  • Connect first-gen students to faculty mentors and/or fac-staff first-gen advocates.
  • Utilize a strengths based mentoring approach in guiding first-gen students to engage in high impact practices (e.g. internships, service-learning, undergraduate research) and in understanding the intersection of their identities which influence their career/professional goals.    
  • Increase the number of first-generation college students who participate in the broader honors community, including the Weber Honors College, interdisciplinary honors societies and/or single discipline honors societies.